Hidden Valley Animal Clinic

100 Oakhurst Drive
McMurray, PA 15317



Client Reviews

♥ Dr. Clermont and staff were very helpful with all my questions regarding our new puppy. It had been a while since we had a puppy so we had questions!   M. Lenthall - June 2016

♥ Hands down the best veterinary clinic I have ever visited. Everyone is professional yet friendly, and makes you feel like they actually remember who you & your pets are. Their knowledge & attention to detail are second to none. Love this place!   C. Ward - June 2016

♥ Extremely caring, knowledgeable, loving Staff.   G. Poland - June 2016

♥ We are very happy with Dr. Clermont. He is very thorough and you can tell he loves his job and patients. So glad he is our vet.    June 2016

♥ Very caring group of people. Also understanding of my relatively new experience as a pet owner.  M. Lydon - June 2016

♥ The entire staff relates to me on a personal level with thoughtfulness and concern!  L. Lang - June 2016

♥ Been coming there for years and always satisfied.   June 2016

♥ you have always been very good to us and have taken excellent care of all my babies - Bubbles, Bam-Bam, Butzie, Scruffy Marie, Sandy and now Randy.  K. Volk - June 2016

♥ Love this clinic and the care they give my dogs. Since I have multiple dogs and fosters, I am normally there multiple times a month and they always provide quality care!     K. McConnell  - June 2016

♥ I have been a customer through several pets and many years. I particularly like Dr. Iverson. She has always maintained a personal relationship with us and our pets love her.    K. Burch - June 2016

♥ Dr Allridge is just great with my dog making a very stressful visit for her so much less. She takes the time to answer all of our questions never making us feel like our questions are stupid.     June 2016

♥ Five Stars   R. Carroll - June 2016

♥I have been taking my dogs here for the past 25 years and have been quite satisfied with the services rendered and the professional staff that works there.   K. McGrath - July 2016

♥ We've been talking pets to Hidden Valley 42 years and have always been happy. The vets and staff are caring and helpful and I'd never go anywhere else!  D. Weaver  - July 2016

♥ Dr. George and Kandi were wonderfully understanding, helpful and professional.  R. Siegel  - July 2016

♥ Excellent experience every time for over ten years with all six of our pets. Would not consider any other Vet practice.  July 2016

♥ I have been bringing my fur babies to Hidden Valley Animal Clinic for more years than I'd like to remember. I would have not stayed with the practice if I didn't feel that the Dr's and staff weren't the very best. They all are wonderful.  M. Klein  - July 2016

♥ Every staff member is so caring toward our dogs!    K. Groninger  - July 2016

We have been with Dr Myatich for over 31 years. We know what to expect from him, what he expects from us as pet owners, we both know our pets needs and treat acortdingly. He has been with us for all of our pets first to final appointments.    July 2016

♥ I've gone to Hidden because of Jay Koch and the tech staff. He's understanding and gives you good advice. He gives you direct counsel when you've got tough decisions to make. You work with people on a tight budget helping them care for a pet. D. Carter-Gordley  - July 2016

♥ Dr Wickerham has been treating our pets for years and she is the best all around Vet we have ever dealt with. W. RASMUSSEN - July 2016

♥ Had all the vets there and find most of them extremely personable and easy to communicate with. All like Skyler and very friendly with her. They take great care of her. All very caring.  C. Schardt - July 2016

♥ I would trust my children with Dr. George, oh wait, my pets are my children! He is not only knowledgeable, compassionate, but treats me and my pets with respect and kindness.   C. friend  - July 2016

♥ The care my pets have received at HVAC has always been excellent. The vets all listen to my concerns and answer my questions. I have confidence in the entire team and the operations!  Kathy - July 2016

♥ I've always liked the office and have been bringing my pets there for 20 years   S. Tafeen    - July 2016

♥ I will tell people about Hidden Valley because of the service & doctors.  R. Dalnoky - July 2016

♥ Great caring staff, open on Saturdays & some evenings. Cost a little more than other veterinarians but worth every cent. I trust that they will give my Boxers the Best care possible every time care is needed.  H. Beton  - July 2016

♥ 5 stars for sure. Staff is great and love the vets especially Dr. Cat......for Yukon and Dr. Iverson for Angel and Angie (parrots).  S. Boyan  - July 2016

♥ Love the clinic and particularly Dr. Koch who is always pleasant and polite. It's obvious to us he really loves animals and cares about their owners.  R. and S. Thelk  - July 2016

♥ The vet was great with not only my dog but also us. She answered all of our questions very patiently.  C. Savage - July 2016

♥ We have been using Hidden Valley for years and have been totally pleased with the care our pets have received there.   July 2016

♥ The technicians are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They take a genuine interest in your pet questions and take enough time with you without rushing. Dr. Myatich is the best vet ever!! I can't say enough to praise him for the excellent care.    M. O'Neal - July 2016

♥ I feel confidence in bring my fur babies here. You seem to care about them as much as I do. They are my family and it extends to you all too.   R. and D. Conklin  - July 2016

♥ Hidden Valley has consistently provided our pets with utmost care and concern. I am very happy with everyone at that hospital.  M. Seip - July 2016

♥  I've been bringing my Pets to your clinic since the early 90s. The techs are always helpful and compassionate. The vets are wonderful and have helped to keep my animals healthy and happy. They are also compassionate with the many fosters I bring in.   J. Agosti - July 2016

♥ We have taken all of our pets for over 40 years to Hidden Valley and have always received the best care for our furry family members.  M. Clark - July 2016

♥ We got our 1st dog in 1971 and have taken the next 7 pets there and have always been extremely pleased with the care and kindness, especially when it was time for them to be put down due to illness or age and no longer able to function.  J. GASTGEB  - July 2016

♥ Took care of my pets needs and I was out the door at a fair price   S. Locksa  - August 2016

♥ Very friendly, very caring, and Dr. George offered great care and information.  T. Schuler - August 2016

♥ Dr. Clermont is amazing with our golden, Molly. He is very thorough and really takes the time to talk and explain things. So happy we found him!! The front office is always very friendly and helpful.   August 2016


♥ Like the doctors and cleanliness of the facility and how they treated my dog and my family when she very ill    August 2016

♥ I've been coming to Hidden Valley Animal Clinic for 40 plus years and have always been treated extremely well by staff and doctors every time. From just routine office visits or some more serious pet problems I feel very confident using them.  E. Jenulevich  - August 2016

♥ I think this is a great vet office. I feel that you care about my pet and do the best to work with me and keep her healthy!  A. Klevan   - August 2016

♥ The staff and the vets have always been considerate and kind regarding our pets and our goal of giving them the best possible care.   L. Stein   - August 2016

♥ The docs are the best, they take time with your pet and you. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I would not go anywhere else! Thank you Hidden Valley!   C. Bimle - August 2016

♥ The staff was courteous, attentive, and accommodating. Dr. Wickerham is wonderful and the only vet I will see. She understood perfectly my pet's state and gave me a positive piece of mind.  K. Porfeli   - August 2016

♥ I have been going to Hidden Valley for over 30 years and would not stop/ The doctors are great and care for your pet as if it was their own. And when it comes time for your pet to go to the Rainbow Bridge they share grief with you. Thank you    S. Jacobs - August 2016

♥ Dr. Koch always leads me in the right direction with the care of my dog.  August 2016

♥ Friendly group ! Cares for my pets deeply. Treats us like family! Thank you.   B. Barnhill  -  August 2016

♥I have been taking my pets to Hidden Valley forever 40 years and have always received wonderful care.  J. Reardon - August 2016

♥ Knowledgeable staff. Friendly. Have taken care of my pets for 14 years. W. Piroth  - October 2016

♥ We highly value the services we've received from Dr. Myatich and his associates over the past 30 years.   S. Evanovich - October 2016

♥ Always friendly & Dr. Cat & Koch are wonderful October 2016

♥ I always feel that they spend the time with my pet that is required, never rushed, and are always considerate of the animal.   K. Burch - October 2016

♥ We are very pleased with our Dr. Clairmont. He is the best.   October 2016

♥ Vets are always open to my questions and even when I've called back after the appt. Very compassionate staff.   October 2016

♥ George Myatich--"the best"   S. Hughes - October 2016

♥ Awesome place!   Octoboer 2016

♥ Coming from two other veterinarian facilities with our dog, we are pleased to have a professional doctor with a long term presence in the community. We are satisfied with the service    A. D'Amico  - October 2016

♥ You have had our trust since 1992. We are totally satisfied with the care and service provided for our pets.  J. Trozzi - October 2016

♥ Julie Iverson is why. She was great! I liked how she opted for meds and diet change our "Pammy" instead of putting her through tests that may not be necessary. Love her!!!  D. McCullough Getty - October 2016

♥ East Maiden Clinic and Hidden Valley both have the kindest staff. You are thorough and I trust you with my best friends. The sincere compassion during the difficult times over the years is truly appreciated.  P. Moriarty - October 2016

♥ We brought our pets to you for several years before we moved to Philadelphia. We just returned after being away for 7 years. Many things have changed but the service at your vet clinic did not. We are grateful for that.  H. Starnes - October 216

♥ My 19-year old cat, Ramsey, was treating there for many illnesses. Even though we was very crabby when I brought him in, the staff was very kind to him and I appreciated that. It was stressful on me when he acted that way and the girls were patient.   H. Brandt  - October 2016

♥ So thankful to the staff for fitting us in at the last minute. We were very concerned that there may be something serious wrong with our dog. They were understanding and helped to get us in as soon as possible.   October 2016

♥ Dr Clermont was wonderful. Very thorough and easy to understand.   B. Wehrle  - October 2016

♥ Caring Vets and staff. Techs are knowledgeable and suggest treatment or answer questions and concerns in a confident manner.  S. Menovich - October 2016

♥ Dr. Myatich has always been very good to my babies and us. I would not go anywhere else - I trust you guys.  K. Volk  -  October 2016

♥ Have taken all my dogs and cats here for over 10 years. Have had nothing but excellent care from surgeries to shots to care visits, both here and at the East Maiden.. Will not go anywhere else.  October 2016

♥ I have been going to Hidden Valley for 15 years and have always found them to be kind and knowledgeable.  N. Taylor - October 2016

♥ I'm always treated with kindness and my dogs are always shown love. I really appreciate that.  G. Wible  -  October 2016

♥ Thorough exam of my dog, even though symptoms were vague (as described by me), which led to identification of the source of problem.  B. Cessna - October 2016

♥ My pets and I are treated great when we come in. The staff is loving and caring towards our pets. The dogs are not scared when we come to the office. Just an good visit. work.   F. Michalski, Jr. - October 2016

♥ Dr. Allridge and staff are awesome! They are so professional but very loving and caring toward my pets. Would never go anywhere else!   M. Virgili   November 2016

♥ I felt that Sal was very ill and Dr Threadgill eased my mind considerably. He explained how the new medication for Sal's allergies worked and took the time to answer all of my questions. I would definitely request him for Sal in the future.  C. Mete  -  November 2016

♥ The whole staff are definitely animal lovers. They are knowledgeable, professional, patient and friendly.   R. Siegel  -  November 2016

♥ Everyone is so caring and treat my dog the way I do. I always have a great experience at every visit. I never feel rushed and all my questions are answered. I would recommend Hidden Valley to everyone!    T. McGowan 

♥ I trust the veterinarians and staff at Hidden Valley with my fur kids and have for as long as I can remember. They are always knowledgeable and kind. They always take excellent care of my pets and me!    N. Krah  -  November 2016


♥ Very professional and friendly staff.   December 2016

♥ Dr. Iverson is always so good with my Bubba who is not good at all.   December 2016

♥ I absolutely love Dr. Koch!! He is a caring, compassionate vet and I trust him with my fur kids, which says it all. I have referred others to him as well and they were happy, appreciative and thankful for my recommendation.  Toni - December 2016

♥ Over the past years the Hidden Valley staff has always been professional, caring and concerned for all the pets  B. Macko - December 2016

♥ Have been a long-time client and plan to continue. We are able to get appointments when needed and I feel that the docs and support staff are knowledgeable and super helpful. They treat us and our pets as family.   MJ Patterson  April  2017