Hidden Valley Animal Clinic Files - 'New Clients or Patients'http://hiddenvalleymakeover.evetsites.netNew Clients or Patients - East Maiden Animal Clinic - Washington, PAClient Information Formhttp://www.hiddenvalleyac.com/new-clients-or-patients.pmlForm for clients who are new to (or updating information) our Clinic and will be requesting medical services for their pet(s) with one of our veterinarians.file/61958/Client Information FormFecal (Stool) Sample Collectionhttp://www.hiddenvalleyac.com/new-clients-or-patients.pmlPLEASE BRING A STOOL SAMPLE. This guide will tell you why, when, and how. file/55843/Fecal (Stool) Sample CollectionGrowth Removal Formhttp://www.hiddenvalleyac.com/new-clients-or-patients.pmlThe Growth Removal Form has a drawing of the pet for you to mark the location(s) of growths, lumps, bumps or rashes that will be removed or treated. This form is added to the appropriate Procedure Authorization form. file/55844/Growth Removal FormNew Patient Information formhttp://www.hiddenvalleyac.com/new-clients-or-patients.pmlForm for pets who are new to our clinic. Please complete a new patient form for each pet in your household. Even if we will not be seeing them yet for an appointment, we can establish them in your record and send you reminders. Please fill out one form per pet. If you are a new client please see the New Client Form.file/55846/New Patient Information form